press quotes for Human Resources (released Nov 2018, Creative Nation Music)

“There is much to enjoy here, a free-ish date [7/19/17] which even bopsters whose brains has not petrified might find an enlightening challenge. This group has a wide enough grasp of jazz genres and it is my hope they will continue to creatively exploit it with future releases. Freshly rewarding— both compositionally and instrumentally.”

-Cadence Magazine, Jan 2019 digital

“The trumpeter shows himself an assertive, daring soloist, agile and virtuosic but not indulgent…”

-Textura Magazine, Dec 2018. Read full review:

press quotes for Music in the Room (2017, American Melody)

“The leader and the dual sax attack of Charles Kohlhase and Rick Stone incorporate brash and fluid soloing into a program that contains a divergent track mix and covers a multitude of angles, cadences and improvisational applications… Indeed, these invigorating works are enacted by like-minded musicians who demonstrate total control of their instruments, and benefitted by the passionate interplay they instill on a per-track basis.”

Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz, Dec 2017, full review:

“This is a joyous album with the same kind of interactive exchange of ideas heard in folk music—an influence Rosenthal takes from his father, Phil, who sings and plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo.”

Phil Freeman, Stereogum, Ugly Beauty column, Dec 2017, full review:

press quotes for Fly Away (released June 4, 2013 on American Melody):

"Even the original pieces on the disc resonate with a genuine vintage sounding authenticity, almost as if they were written decades ago. They're the real deal, not faux, retro schlock. With their unique vibrancy and freshness, they don't sound old-timey, but just plain timeless. "Fly Away" soars on the wings of Daniel's lyrical, elegantly chosen brass lines, and Phil's finger-picking skills and wonderfully weathered, unpretentiously expressive baritone, evocative of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash."
Owen McNally, Hartford Courant

"At once beautifully strange and deeply traditional... deeply steeped in the vernacular while spreading stylistically in all directions. Fly Away is one of those infrequent recordings that begs a reconsideration of what we label as musical styles."
-C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"Trumpet playing composer Daniel Rosenthal was born to play music."

"Fly Away may end up being filed under folk, but that's too simplistic a resting place for this one; The Rosenthals don't really set up camp in one single place, and that's part of what makes this one so appealing."
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“The sound is a delightful organic brew wafting out from the hippest back porch around. A shining example of the kind of amalgam music that has Jethro Burns smiling down on it, this is the kind of set you want in your collection for those times you want to listen to music that sounds like an old friend. Well done."
Midwest Record

press quotes for Lines (released Sept 13, 2011 on American Melody):

"Daniel Rosenthal's album is marked by adventurous writing - and beautiful playing... Rosenthal's lines are so interesting that he gets you to focus more on what he's playing than on how (is he more like Chet Baker here? Don Cherry there?), until he releases a pearl-like string of notes, his rhythmic articulation a lesson in swing all by itself... the relaxed interplay between Rosenthal and Stone moves from solos to two-line counterpoint to unison themes, all with understated ease. The two here seem like halves of the same heart — creating lines that dart and pause, extended clusters of fast notes, long-toned arcs."
-Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix

"Daniel Rosenthal's Lines is not a typical debut by a trumpeter in his 20s. For one thing, there’s little emphasis on speed for speed’s sake; chops generally play a subordi-nate role to the compositions. The album’s title comes from the horizontal nature of his tunes: He writes strong melodic lines, even if they come with odd meters, odd intervals and odd numbers of bars... the trumpeter’s tone retains a folkloric feel that echoes his upbringing. With his patient, rounded phrasing, Daniel is part of a generation of players following the trail blazed by producer Manfred Eicher, whose ECM Records has proven that jazz can be equally powerful with the open, organic sounds of a pastoral setting
-Geoffrey Himes, Downbeat Magazine

"Rosenthal has a strong vision for his music, and his band supports that vision with deep symbiosis. The compositions are excellent, the band is stress-free, and the recording gives a genuine glimpse of the musical event. Lines is an excellent debut for a young trumpeter with a bright future."
-Greg Simmons, All About Jazz

"Featuring 10 Rosenthal originals plus two Monk tunes, the new CD is graced with a fluent conversational tone. It crackles with fresh ideas sparked by contrapuntal conversations between Rosenthal and alto saxophonist Rick Stone. Rosenthal's improvised lines, which resonate with a gorgeous classical tone, stream along with a natural flow, showing a knack for the lyrical while taking surprising, fresh melodic twists and bends."
-Owen McNally, Hartford Courant

"Out of Boston's innovative Either/Orchestra comes trumpeter and composer Daniel Rosenthal. His debut record, Lines, is a sturdy introduction to his talents and musical vision... Rosenthal's group tackles his compositions with creativity and a nose for sheer invention... a record about clouding distinctions and walking across genre boundaries. Rosenthal’s quartet handles the task subtly and with flavour."
-Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile

"Dusting off a couple of Monk tracks to keep in the spirit of things, Rosenthal acquits himself with high marks for a solo debut. A solid, left leaning winner throughout."
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Daniel Rosenthal's Lines is a rewarding 60 minutes and reminds me why my standard disclaimer when dealing with jazz is so silly."
-Josh Hathaway, Blinded by Sound